Washi Clipboard

We’ve had this mini clipboard sitting around the kitchen for ages now, sometimes we use it to keep our grocery list in one spot near the pantry & fridge, but mostly it goes unused. Since I’ve started cooking more lately, it’s proven to be pretty handy for holding my little recipe book open to the right page. Unfortunately it didn’t look the best, and had some water stains on it and random scribbles, so I decided to spruce it up a bit with a washi tape makeover!

Washi Clipboard

Time: 10+ Minutes (depending on design)


  • Clipboard
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors or exacto knife
  • Mod podge spray (or something similar)
  • Spray paint (optional if you spray paint the clip)


  1. OPTIONAL. If you want part of your clipboard visible as is with spray paint only on the clip, use a plastic bag to cover the entire clipboard with just the clip outside of the bag. Tape the bag shut securely & spray paint the clip, let dry. (If you are covering the whole thing with washi anyways you don’t need to use the plastic bag, but it might take longer for the clipboard to dry than the clip)
  2. Decide if you want to do a pattern & make sure it will fit! There are lots of great ideas if you check on Google. You can rest your rolls against the edge of the clipboard to see how many rows you’ll need, etc. You could also use a ruler and pencil to mark out any specific designs you want to do so when you put the washi tape on you have a guide to follow.
  3. Once you’ve got an idea of what you want you can start putting the washi on the clipboard. To make sure there isn’t any peeling it’s probably best to make sure you have about 1/2 an inch of washi to fold over the side and onto the back so it doesn’t peel off as you work (you can cover the back with something else later, do a different design, or go all the way around the clipboard with the same roll of washi tape.).
  4. Once you’re done with the front, you can use your scissors or exacto knife to trim the edges on the back, depending on what you want to do with the back of the clipboard.
  5. In a well ventilated room, spray each side and the edges of the clipboard with your mod podge spray and let dry. If you have some loose ends of washi, you can use a toothpick or the tip of your scissors to gently pretty it flat so it dries flat.

Clipboard 1

What I did for my design was having the same thing on the front & the back, so I just looped the washi around from the front and all the way over the back & let the ends overlap a bit. I noticed that my clip was leaving a black line on the washi tape, so I just did a strip of black washi tape under the clip so the black line on the washi wouldn’t drive me crazy. If you don’t want your clipboard to be shiny like mine, try finding a Matte spray (it should be with the rest of the sprays in your arts & crafts store).


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