My Mental Health BuJo

I wanted to share these pages with a few people, and the easiest way to do so seems to be to make a post somewhere…so here it is! This is some pictures of most of the pages (so far) in my Mental Health BuJo! It’s not perfect, it’s not fancy…but I like it and it is helpful for me, which is the most important part. Thanks for looking, I hope everyone who has wanted to see more can get some inspiration for their own!

Just a quick note…I don’t track anything in my MHBuJo. I have no mood trackers and I don’t do any of my DBT ‘homework’ in it. It’s mostly notes and some diagrams, quotes, and anything else I come across that I think might be helpful to me in times of distress or just to life my spirits in general. That being said, even without this having much personal information it is still a very private & personal thing to me, all of the things in it are things that I know will help me, so a lot of this might not be useful to others. This is just the stuff I’ve found so far that I’ve noticed I need to be reminded of, or that I’ve found will help keep me on track during a bad day.

Personal Bill of Rights
This quote really stuck with me when I first saw it. I knew I wanted to remember it and to stop focusing so much on my past and finally look ahead to the future.
Being diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder sucks. The stigma surrounding it is horrible, and some mental health professionals even refuse to work with people if they know they have BPD because of the negative stigma. We are not all monsters, we aren’t all manipulative. We don’t all go into blind rages and make our friends & family suffer. One quote I still want to add to my MHBuJo is “Once you know better, you do better.” Which is what I think a lot of people need to keep in mind when they come across people who have just been diagnosed and are struggling to find their place in the world and understand how to live a better life.
Just some notes to help me better understand & explain Dialectical Behaviour Therapy to close friends & family.
I had a hard time remembering what Mindfulness was when I first learned about it, so I wrote down a quote about what it is.
I unfortunately got addicted to alcohol and drinking while I had been stuck in my abusive & toxic relationship. Having a better understanding of how my brain worked with addictions, and how to rewire it with the new skills I was learning was really important and a big step of my recovery.
I actually started learning Swedish after I made this page!
I saw this as an infographic, it really struck a chord with me at the time so I decided to add it in. It doesn’t feel as useful to me anymore but I’m still glad I added it in.
I saw someone do this as a list in a FB group called Bullet Journalling – Mental Health & Mindfulness. I wanted to do my own but make it bright & colourful!
I know I’ve got lots more to add, but sometimes it’s hard to think of the good things when you’re a in dark place.
I never understood why I never felt like I had any sense of identity until I was diagnosed with BPD. Even though it’s been 4 years, I still don’t feel like I know what I like or want to do in my life, so things like this to help me discover myself is still really important.
When it comes to my identity, I feel like I flip flop a lot between everything. One week I want to be a nurse, the next a teacher, the next I want to go back to school and study Psychology. One day I want to dress casual with jeans and a t-shirt…the next day I want to wear a cute skirt and cardigan, etc. This is to help me when I want to give up on a new job/project/etc because it isn’t ‘me’ anymore. I know I will go back to the few things I do enjoy, so there is no point in scrapping it all just to have to start it up again in another week when I come back around to it.
A few little quotes. Some are incomplete, and I’m not sure who they are by.
A helpful reminder when I am feeling impulsive and want to spend time with people I know I shouldn’t. Normally when I get impulsive it’s when I’m lonely, so I feel desperate for attention from anyone. It’s not always good.
Another quote from Leo Christopher. I really wanted these few pages to be simple so I could just let the message sort of sink in.
This one can go both ways for some people I suppose, but for me I see it as a way to not be ashamed of my past and to embrace it. If I hadn’t gone through all the bad things I did I wouldn’t be who I am today, and honestly I am pretty darn proud of myself.
Another reminder to not let the past take over, and just because your past might not have been the best doesn’t mean you can’t achieve great things tomorrow.
Take some time and just enjoy life. You don’t need to rush to the end.
This reminds me of Mindfulness, so I added it in.
I had started having some pretty bad anxiety attacks, so added this in after seeing it somewhere on Facebook.
More for anxiety.
A few things to remember/do when I’m starting to feel depressed. If I catch it early enough I can get myself into a positive place easily. (Goldfrapp is a music artist, her song ‘Alive’ makes me feel good almost every time I hear it)
My biggest problem has been when I start to feel lonely or empty. Sadly this happens a lot because of my social anxiety, and also that I am not employed right now. So I spend a lot of time by myself. These are some things to remember or do as soon as I notice I’m feeling lonely or empty to help me get out of the negative rut before I get the urge to be impulsive and make bad decisions.
Cognitive Distortions. I find these crazy helpful, especially now that I can notice when I am doing them and can turn my thinking around to be more positive or more realistic. CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) isn’t always helpful for people with BPD but I find some of it has really helped me.
This month (March) I am trying to focus a lot on practicing Mindfulness. I’ve had a tough time with it and I avoid it like the plague…but it does help me when I do use it often. My nephew helped me decorate the page, it would have been all stickers if it was up to him!
Dialectical Behaviour Therapy reference guide (or cheat sheet). You can google it and find these to print out, I took things from 2 different sheets to add here.
By the time I got this far into the page I forget what I had wanted to do for the last little bit. It will come back to me eventually I’m sure!

And that’s it…so far! I have about 10 more spreads in mind to add, but I probably won’t get around to them for another week. I’d love to see everyone else’s spreads, whether they are similar to mine or completely different! Thanks for checking it out, and best of luck on your own Mental Health BuJo! ♥


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