Spring Has Sprung (And So Have I!)

I love spring. To me, there is nothing better than waking up one morning and the sun is shining, snow is melting, birds are chirping, and I am suddenly full of motivation! Especially after a long snow filled winter!

I started off my weekend on Friday and did some light spring cleaning in the living room & kitchen while my boyfriend was out for the day skidooing. I really wanted to do a lot more, but I’m still recovering from a fractured thumb, so I took things pretty slow & easy. I still got a lot more done that I thought I would, which is always a great feeling, especially after a long & depressing winter.

Saturday was another great sunshiney day, most of which I spent outside with the dog while waiting on laundry to finish up in the house. I finally got the thick layer of ice on the deck all chipped and shoveled aside, which has been driving me insane all winter. After a long morning walk, the dog was tuckered out (especially after finding another dog in the park to play with), so I left her at home for a while and headed over to my sisters for a visit.

My sister and I don’t get to have a good visit often, there are usually a lot of other people around, or a child/dog that is needy for attention…so it was nice to have an afternoon to just sit and chat without any interruptions (my nephew was at his grandparents across the street that day). It’s really great to see how happy and excited my sister is about starting her postpartum doula business this spring. I can tell it’s really given her some purpose in her life other than feeling like she’s just a stay at home mom.


Saturday evening my boyfriend and I were pretty lazy, so we spent the evening sitting on the couch, eating pizza, watching Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix…and making little panels to help organize my pens & markers in my plastic drawers.

We took some quick measurements, then cut out a few pieces of cardboard to match. I didn’t want to see just plain, boring cardboard when I opened the drawers, so I used some random washi to decorate them a bit before we used a glue gun to glue them in place. It worked out better than I thought, and it makes it easier to keep everything organized (and not piled all over my desk like they normally are!). We only ran into one little problem, I have 2 sets of these plastic drawers and one side has slightly wider drawers, so some of the panels were a bit too short to reach end to end perfectly. We just added some extra glue between the side of the drawer and the cardboard and made sure to hold it in place while it dried…and it works just fine! Now I want to do this to all of the drawers in the house!

Today we woke up a bit early and it took us both about 10 minutes to clue in to why it was so dark outside. Yay Daylight Savings Time! We had a nice breakfast and did some tidying up in the house before he decided to head out and get in one last day of skidooing before too much more snow melts. I decided to work on my regular Bullet Journal a bit, as it always gets a bit neglected on my boyfriends days off, so I’ve spent the last little bit working on this spread! I saw it over at The Petite Planner and knew I had to try it out. I tried a few quick versions on spare paper, changing where the boxes were and ultimately deciding to just copy what she had on her page for the general layout. It just felt better to me somehow.


April is going to be a pretty busy month for me, we have a few events to attend, as well are going to Las Vegas, so I wanted to make sure I use some spare time this month to get some of my April stuff done ahead of time so I can just quickly fill things in on the go. I really want to make sure to keep up with all aspects of my health all through the year, but I’ve been struggling to do so. So I’m hoping that a tracker that is more aesthetically pleasing to me will be useful & urge me to keep filling it out on a daily basis. I am also keeping track of my water intake (I never seem to drink near enough), and my meals & symptoms that come from what I’m eating. It feels like a lot, but it’s been handy to see the changes in my habits when I start tracking them.

I also suddenly have motivation to work out and get a bit more in shape again…though I wanted to all winter, it was hard to find the energy and motivation to do so…so I’ve started using my FitBit again. Unfortunately it barely holds a charge for a whole 2 days, so I might have to try finding a new battery, as buying a new one is out of the question right now. But! Having all this motivation and energy is really nice, and it really makes me wonder if I’d be able to keep it up if I lived somewhere that didn’t have such long & horrible winters. Something to think about I guess!

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