I think I’ll just be happy today


From my 2017 BuJo. Still love the simplicity of it. ♥



Mindful March

Mindfulness is definitely the DBT skill that I struggle with the most, even after a few years I can’t seem to get the hang of it. So around the end of February I figured I should spend a month paying extra attention to my mindfulness and working on it each day, no matter what. So far it’s gone pretty well, though I’m a still a bit disappointed that I’m still having troubles with it, I am glad that it is becoming more of a habit.


I came across this Mindfulness tracker on Lindsay Braman’s site and fell in love with it, and thought it would be a good way to add some extra mindfulness into each day, aside from homework and exercises, etc. It’s pretty simple, and that’s what I love about it. At the end of each day I take a few minutes to relax and think about things I saw, heard, felt, tasted & smelled during the span of my day. The first week or so was a bit tough, and I had a hard time remembering what I’d experienced during the day. But after the first week it was a lot easier and quicker to fill out.

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Spring Has Sprung (And So Have I!)

I love spring. To me, there is nothing better than waking up one morning and the sun is shining, snow is melting, birds are chirping, and I am suddenly full of motivation! Especially after a long snow filled winter!

I started off my weekend on Friday and did some light spring cleaning in the living room & kitchen while my boyfriend was out for the day skidooing. I really wanted to do a lot more, but I’m still recovering from a fractured thumb, so I took things pretty slow & easy. I still got a lot more done that I thought I would, which is always a great feeling, especially after a long & depressing winter.

Saturday was another great sunshiney day, most of which I spent outside with the dog while waiting on laundry to finish up in the house. I finally got the thick layer of ice on the deck all chipped and shoveled aside, which has been driving me insane all winter. After a long morning walk, the dog was tuckered out (especially after finding another dog in the park to play with), so I left her at home for a while and headed over to my sisters for a visit.

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My Mental Health BuJo

I wanted to share these pages with a few people, and the easiest way to do so seems to be to make a post somewhere…so here it is! This is some pictures of most of the pages (so far) in my Mental Health BuJo! It’s not perfect, it’s not fancy…but I like it and it is helpful for me, which is the most important part. Thanks for looking, I hope everyone who has wanted to see more can get some inspiration for their own!

Just a quick note…I don’t track anything in my MHBuJo. I have no mood trackers and I don’t do any of my DBT ‘homework’ in it. It’s mostly notes and some diagrams, quotes, and anything else I come across that I think might be helpful to me in times of distress or just to life my spirits in general. That being said, even without this having much personal information it is still a very private & personal thing to me, all of the things in it are things that I know will help me, so a lot of this might not be useful to others. This is just the stuff I’ve found so far that I’ve noticed I need to be reminded of, or that I’ve found will help keep me on track during a bad day.

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