Long Month

So, I haven’t got a whole lot to say, but I do have some ranting to do. It feels like ages since I last posted anything, and I guess it has been. My last post was actually over a month ago!

On April 17th we left for Las Vegas, and had a really great time down there, despite my boyfriend’s mom being with us and honestly driving me a bit batty for most of the trip. But she was a great tour guide and I’m glad I got to see so many things in such a short amount of time. We even spent a day on a jet boat tour on the Colorado River, which was a ton of fun and really beautiful. Unfortunately when we got back on the evening of the 24th, our house was a bit flooded.

The London Bridge, Lake Havasu, AZ

In January we had gotten quite a bit of snow, and normally when the city plows the roads they come back a few days later and pick up some of the bigger piles of snow, so peoples yards aren’t getting flooding when spring comes around. Well, they ended up leaving a huge pile of snow in our front yard that was probably a good 10 feet high and literally hid our house. The only way you could tell a house was in the lot was if you pulled into the driveway. The worst part was that they pushed the snow really far into the lot, so we had nowhere to move the snow even if we’d been able to break it down into chunks. Our entire front yard was a huge pile of snow.

So, pretty much the day after we left for our trip it got really warm out and started melting…and instead of draining out onto the street, the huge pile of snow started melting and going towards the house. So of course when we got home, our yard still had probably 3 feet of snow left from that huge pile, and was probably had almost an inch of water sitting on top of the grass, and completely covered our sidewalk to the front door. We weren’t too worried, as the house has never flooded before…but when we opened the door to the house and went to turn the furnace back up, it didn’t start, and we instantly knew something was wrong. The house was probably 10 degrees colder than it was outside, we could actually see our breath when we were in the house!

My boyfriend immediately went and opened up the crawl space…which was filled to the brim with water. We were lucky we got home when we did, if we had been gone another day the water would have been leaking out of the crawlspace and up into the rest of the house. About an hour after we’d landed, we already had gone to my boyfriends work and got a pump, and bought 2 hoses so we could start pumping the water out, and ended up rearranging about 1/4 of the house because we had to keep moving the pump to different crawlspaces to get the water out of different areas of the house more effectively.

Even a week after we got home and had been pumping water out at least 6-12 hours a day, there were still a few areas in the crawl space with a few inches of water that we were unable to reach with the pump, so we had to use fans for another week and a half after that to dry out the crawl space. We also had to use a shop vac to suck all out of the water that had gotten into the furnace (the furnace is old and is in the middle of the crawlspace). We ended up getting about 55L of water out with the shop vac, but couldn’t get the remaining few inches out, so we had to slowly dry that out with fans as well.

When we FINALLY got as much of the water out and dried up as we could, we were hoping that our furnace would still work. We made sure to dry it out as best as we could, and we had to run all around town to find a box of long matches to even light the pilot light. But of course, when we finally got it lit and turned on the furnace…it lit outside of the furnace box and shot up about 4 feet in the air against the wall. Definitely not safe! We gave it a few more days and did some research before trying again, and the same thing happened, so we called in a few people to look & assess the situation. We are not sure when it happened, but some of the house around the furnace is charred black (we are pretty sure this was not from us lighting it twice for a second – as the wood was still a bit damp at that time), which means our furnace had been having some issues for a while now and not lighting properly and we had no idea. We are lucky the house didn’t catch on fire with us in it.

So, a new furnace is needed, which is already proving to be a really big problem. Our house was build in 1962 (we think, it might be older but we aren’t 100% sure), and it’s a pretty small house, so putting in a regular furnace and duct work takes up a lot of space that we already have jam packed with things, and the lowest quote we’ve gotten for it is about $12,500. Ouch. So we’ve been looking into some alternatives, which are cheaper and hopefully will be easier to install, but are still going to put us out probably about $6,500 when all is said and done. We are hoping that insurance and a claim against the city will help and we won’t have to foot the entire bill, but we are also a bit doubtful as when we’ve called the city they pretty much hung up on us when we were trying to find out information on making a claim.

So needless to say, this month has been pretty stressful (and cold), and I honestly haven’t had much motivation to do a whole lot. All of my Bullet Journal supplies are hard to get to, and I don’t have space to take out my laptop unless I sit on the bed…which just isn’t that comfy for me…so even looking things up on my laptop has been a hassle. While I am glad that the house didn’t flood beyond the crawlspace, it’s still a hassle to keep those areas open so inspectors and whatnot can come and go and peek around down there until we get something solved.


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