Jumping on the Keto Train

I’m sure everyone has heard about Keto by now, it’s such a huge fad and if you look into it you can definitely see why. There is an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and raves about the keto diet and how it’s helped people turn their lives around, whether to help with a medical issue or just to get their weight under control. Naturally there are also some very negative things being said about it as well, but that’s to be expected, and some of it is pretty valid as well.

Over the last year (and especially winter) my boyfriend and I have been talking about how we’d like to lose a bit of weight, and just start eating a bit better in general. We have both put on a lot more weight than we feel comfortable carrying around, but neither of us really wanted to drop by the gym often and getting our bad eating habits under control didn’t seem to be working well. We were having a lot of fast food and take-out, rarely cooking at home because it was just too much hassle, and eating a lot of junk food and way too many sugary drinks and treats (the treats more so on my end). Right before we decided to do keto, we tried cutting down on things like sugary drinks and junk food…but it was proving to be pretty difficult. Once we got the craving for something we’d just eventually give in and go buy a bag of chips or pop open a can of Pepsi.

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