Jumping on the Keto Train

I’m sure everyone has heard about Keto by now, it’s such a huge fad and if you look into it you can definitely see why. There is an overwhelming amount of positive reviews and raves about the keto diet and how it’s helped people turn their lives around, whether to help with a medical issue or just to get their weight under control. Naturally there are also some very negative things being said about it as well, but that’s to be expected, and some of it is pretty valid as well.

Over the last year (and especially winter) my boyfriend and I have been talking about how we’d like to lose a bit of weight, and just start eating a bit better in general. We have both put on a lot more weight than we feel comfortable carrying around, but neither of us really wanted to drop by the gym often and getting our bad eating habits under control didn’t seem to be working well. We were having a lot of fast food and take-out, rarely cooking at home because it was just too much hassle, and eating a lot of junk food and way too many sugary drinks and treats (the treats more so on my end). Right before we decided to do keto, we tried cutting down on things like sugary drinks and junk food…but it was proving to be pretty difficult. Once we got the craving for something we’d just eventually give in and go buy a bag of chips or pop open a can of Pepsi.

We’d been reading & hearing everywhere great success stories from people who were on Keto, and one day decided that we wanted to try it out. We initially decided we wanted to try Keto at the end of May, but we had a lot of stuff in the cupboards we needed to get rid of…and we both like to do research, so we gave ourselves a few weeks to get rid of the stuff in the cupboard and to get some research done so we wouldn’t give up the first day in. We both did quite a bit of reading, mostly on how the diet works and why you need to avoid certain things, and how to be successful at it. I spent the entire week before we started obsessively looking up recipes and macros and trying to sort out how much of what we’d need for groceries…and wow did it stress me out. I’ve never been much for meal planning, or even cooking…so it was a bit overwhelming, but I was still really excited about it.

We decided to start on June 19th, which would be my boyfriends first day back at work after a 4 day weekend (technically all his weekends are 4 days, but it felt easier to start it on his first day on shift than in the middle of a  busy weekend). In the two weeks leading up to starting we already started cutting out a lot of sugars and things with wheat, and just being more conscious about what we were putting into our bodies. I think this really helped us out with the transition into Keto and I’m glad we gave ourselves so much time to adjust.
For our groceries, I had my list all ready and we headed to the store…and I immediately had a major breakdown. I’ve always had big anxiety issues and lately they’d been flaring up, so being in a busy store and getting confused about how much of what I needed and feeling stupid & embarrassed pretty much did me in and we ended up leaving without buying a single thing. I felt really silly, we’d gone grocery shopping a million times before but I was so worried about wasting money buying too much food or not getting enough food and having to bother my boyfriend for money to go shopping, and all sorts of other little things…I just let myself sit in my head too much with it and it wasn’t good at all. But after a little cry session at home, we ended up ordering most of the groceries online and picked them up later that day. It was a bit of a set back, but honestly saved us SO much time wandering around a huge and busy store that neither of us liked but actually had the things we needed. So in the end it turned out alright!

The first week went pretty well, we did a good job of keeping a mental tally of our macros for the day, and while the cooking was a bit new to me I was really enjoying it and it was actually making me feel pretty hyped about the whole thing. My boyfriend also really started to get into it more at the end of the first week, he started asking more questions about what was in what we were eating and what it was putting his macros at, and it was pretty cool to have something new that we were both so interested in and excited about. The only downsides we had the first week were that my boyfriend was crazy hungry a lot of the time and we weren’t very well prepared for it, and we also didn’t know but our macros were a bit off so he wasn’t getting as much as he needed for his body to function properly.

Week two went a bit smoother, I still had a lot of the meals planned and was having fun with those. There were a few little mix-ups with ingredients and things we didn’t realize we couldn’t have, but they were big so we weren’t too worried. We are both of the opinion that being super strict right off the bat would just make it frustrating for us & there was no point in being hard on ourselves while we’re just learning, so we decided to just accept the little mix-ups and move on and learn from them. During this week we both re-adjusted our macros and did a lot more research into that, the calculators we had been using online seemed to be a bit more off than we’d realized so we did them ourselves and came up with pretty different numbers…but after a day or two of eating with the new macros we both knew it was working a lot better for each of us. We both quickly had more energy and went from being hungry often to being able to go from dinner until lunch the next day and not be hungry at all. At the end of week 2 we had a BBQ at a friends place, and that was pretty interesting because we are used to taking alcohol and having drinks and just eating whatever…so we found some beer that we could drink if we wanted to (in moderation of course) and found some smokies that were 0 carbs and also keto friendly and headed over (along with some yummy cheese whisps from Costco for a snack). It was a bit weird to not drink like normal, but in the end neither of us ended up drinking the beer at all and we both felt okay with that, which was a nice change.

Week three has been pretty good to us so far. We’ve started to feel more comfortable in what we’re cooking and are relying less on recipes, we’ve also weeded out a few things we thought were okay to eat but aren’t. We even made some little desserts and fat bombs that are amazingly tasty, along with finding sugar free syrups so we can make milkshakes! We are still at the point where we can usually go from dinner until lunch the next day without being hungry, though every now and then we have a little breakfast muffin or a fat bomb. We haven’t tried much with fasting, at least not on purpose, but we might be trying that out next month to see if we can shed a few more pounds a bit quicker as we’d both like our weight to be going down a little faster.

So far it’s been a really fun journey, and I’m glad that we started it and really excited to keep going. I can honestly see us keeping up with this for a long time, it’s helped us both out so much, we are both far more confident and active and it’s a really nice change that I think we both needed more than we realized. I am a bit disappointed that I haven’t lost more weight yet, but I’m just glad that is is working even if it’s a bit slower than I’d like. It’s really amazing to grab a pair of jeans I haven’t been able to fit over my hips in a year and pull them on and button them up with no issues! My boyfriend also already needs new pants as his are pretty much falling down if he doesn’t have his belt done up tight (and he’s gone down a few belt notches already too!). We haven’t had many rough or hard days, besides a random leg cramp or headache from not watching our electrolytes close enough, but so far we’ve been pretty lucky and doing well. 🙂


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