8 Months Keto Update

Gosh, it’s been a while!

A few days ago we passed the 8 month mark of being on Keto! Every day we are both so thrilled that we started on this journey, especially with the weather being incredibly cold the last few weeks, it’s been nice that we haven’t packed on the weight like we normally do during winter. We are both maintaining a good weight, and while it does fluctuate now and then we are just so pleased to not be gaining weight like mad right now.

When we started in June, my goal was to get between 120-130lbs (from 174lbs), which is still considered overweight for my height, but I knew that was a weight I would feel happy with. While I am having a few issues getting down that last 5lbs to reach 130lbs (I’ve been floating around 135lbs for a while now) I know a large part of this is due to my inactivity. I’ve been suffering horrible headaches the last 2 months, so a lot of time has been spent in bed instead of moving around as much as I’d like to.

8 Months on Keto! Sorry for dirty mirror!

On the headache front, we are pretty sure it has to do with stress & not with keto. All of my tests have come back with flying colours, and I have been incredibly stressed the last few months…so it makes sense. We are slowly getting them under control though, thank goodness! It also hasn’t helped that it was below -40C for a good three weeks, so even on days I was feeling fine it was hard to get in much exercise besides random housework.

As for my boyfriend, when we first started keto he was hoping to lose about 80lbs, which would have put him around 205lbs. In the first few months he lost a lot of weight fast, it was amazing to see his pant sizes just drop almost every week or two. Right now he has been hovering between 200-207lbs…so he’s done a really amazing job! He almost looks like a completely different person, and I’m so proud of all the hard work he’s put in!

For cheat meals, I have had probably a lot more than I can remember, and my boyfriend has had maybe..2 I think? I hit a bit of a slump before Christmas while he was away working and had poutine a few times, which was good and bad at the same time, as it did kinda boost me to lose a few pounds, it also reminded me how much I love poutine! Trying to substitute it with keto items has been pretty tough, and just isn’t the same. So my typical cheat meal is a poutine!

As for our plans for the future, I think we are both pretty much where we want to be, and we have been becoming a bit more laid back about what we eat. Before we wouldn’t eat anything that wasn’t keto, while now if we want a few crackers or a slice of bread we aren’t as worried about it. We haven’t made definite plans about how we plan to proceed once we are both satisfied, but we have both agreed we are definitely going to be eating a lot healthier than we used to. Avoiding fast food and making more things at home, eating more vegetables, and also smaller portions! We used to eat enormous portions before we started Keto, the difference is insane! We are also both pretty happy about keeping alcohol and sugar out of our lives, while I do think we will get into drinking a little bit more, we will be a lot more cautious about how much we’re putting into our bodies, especially after since we haven’t had more than a few drinks each of alcohol since we started in June. We’ll definitely be light weights again!

Have any of you had success with Keto, or are interested in trying it out? I’d love to hear any stories, or even answer questions!


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