How To Stay Calm

One important thing I’m learning on my journey through life is how important it can be to keep your cool, or just be calm. I worry and stress a lot just on my own, but since I pick up on the emotions of people around me so easily, this sometimes gets really hard to deal with. I already have a hard time staying calm when it’s just my own things, but when it has other people involved too…well that can be a lot harder.

This spread was inspired by another spread, though the things on the list were how to stay calm during a busy work day. I thought to myself, “This would be awesome to put in my journal if it was geared more towards my everyday life.”. So after some thinking, this is the end result! And yes, it says to take a deep breath or to breathe more than once, but I think it’s really important to do throughout the whole process, even after you’ve calmed down. It can be so easy to just forget to breathe sometimes!

How To Stay Calm

After I’d done the spread, it felt a bit bare, which I almost didn’t mind, but it did still feel lacking. I initially was going to draw some light blue swirls but that felt like it might get too busy, and yellow felt like a much more calming colour to me, so I ended up with a bright sunflower & some simple yellow washi tape.

I am really happy with how the sunflower came out too! Especially after 2 years of hardly using any doodles in my journal (besides my angry stick people) I figured it was about time! Not to mention my creative juices were really starting to flow that day.

With most of my doodles, I usually need something to go off of, so I googled ‘sunflower doodle‘ and was instantly intimidated by how fancy they were. Eventually I found one that looked fairly simple and decided to try it, just with a lot less detail. A whole sunflower felt too busy when I drew it on in pencil, so I figured half a sunflower would be just perfect and wouldn’t be too busy. Also…it was a lot easier to only draw half of it!


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