Keto Cinnamon French Toast Cookies

Since we’ve been on the Keto diet a while, we often do have phases where we really miss certain foods that we used to enjoy. One of those things for me has been french toast. It wasn’t something I ate a lot, just a meal that I’d get now and then if we went out for a nice breakfast somewhere that had a good breakfast menu (by good I mean, offering more 2 or 3 dishes for breakfast – something that seems to be lacking where we live).

So, I did a bunch of digging and finally came across this recipe from Fat For Weight Loss!

It’s a really easy recipe, and I’ve found that keeping the dough in the fridge an extra 20-40 minutes really makes it a lot easier to roll the dough into little balls without having it being really sticky to your hands.


Delicious Cinnamon French Toast cookies!

We make a dozen or two of these cookies every week or so, and we go through them so fast! They have such an amazing taste, and I found that adding even a tsp of cinnamon to the dough gives them that extra cinnamon-y flavour that I just love.

For now they definitely help me out with that random french toast craving, and even if I grab one of these straight from the freezer to eat, they don’t take long to thaw out enough to eat them. My boyfriend actually eats them right out of the freezer, they are still fairly soft and only a bit hard in the centers. Definitely a quick & yummy treat to fill that craving!


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