Today is THE Day!


I always get into little phases where I am all into something, and a few days later I am sooooo done with it all. I blame a bit of this on my personality disorder, because I can go from absolutely loving something to (seemingly – sometimes I really just burn myself out on things because I go so hardcore) absolutely hating it within minutes.

Anyhow, my phase this week? Well, I guess it’s 2. Or 3? It’s a few!

First: Cooking & Meal Planning! We have been spending far too much on our Grocery budget (which, to be honest, is actually more of a Take-Out and Eat-Out budget). So, I’ve never been too great of a cook so I decided I am going to start out with slow cooker recipes, and once I feel more comfortable with those I will actually dive into some stuff that takes a bit more prep time and a bit less cooking time…and a bit more skill besides tossing things in a pot and waiting.


Suuuuper old spices that lost their flavour years ago!

That brings me to my Second phase: De-Cluttering (AKA Get Rid of The Shit!). We live in a small house, and it’s old…and storage space is pretty much nonexistent. Along with that are shelves that haven’t been dusted in ages, drawers that almost fall onto your feet if you open them too far, and just a lot of junk stashed everywhere. It’s a mess and it drives me nuts! So I am going to dedicate a bit of time each day to removing some clutter and tidying up. I figure if I do this in small increments it will be much easier to do and won’t overwhelm me (much). Also I won’t feel so crazy trying to keep the kitchen clean & organized once I can get rid of some useless clutter, which will make me want to cook more, woot!

Third: NaNoWriMo! I’ve been wanting to do this for a few years now, but I either forget or I run into the problem where my story seems cool for like, 4 days, then I absolutely hate it. It suddenly feels childish and stupid, it makes no sense and I can’t seem to make anything out of it. So I give up. BUT NOT THIS YEAR. This year I am going to be a bit of prep work (though I should have started a few weeks ago so as not to overwhelm myself, but oh well … I forgot!) and I am just going to push through the crappy parts and write it anyways. I know the first draft isn’t going to be amazing, but maybe actually having a bit of a plan down on paper will help more than just random thoughts I’ve held in my head for a while. And I decided that I’m going to write about BPD this year, which makes it even more exciting to me!

And last, but not least…and not exactly a phase, is just getting all my thoughts and emotions back out again by writing. Whether anyone ever see’s it or not, no big deal. I have realized lately that I do need some sort of outlet instead of reaching out to negative places or people just so that I feel heard. It also really helps to stabilize my emotions so I don’t feel like crying and throwing a temper tantrum over the few tiny (and usually silly) moments in my day where things don’t go quite as planned.