DBT for Anger Notes: Part 1

A few months ago I started taking some notes in my Mental Health BuJo from a book called The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook for Anger (phew, what a mouthful!) and I really enjoyed how they came out, so I’d like to share them!

I decided to get this book a while ago because I’d been noticing that my anger was suddenly out of control. I went from being this person who rarely felt anger (or so I thought) to being someone who felt angry all the time, and it made me really uncomfortable. I knew something had to be done, so I bought the book and also started seeing a counselor who helped me with my anger. Here are some of the notes I took on it!

This was just about the basics. When we feel angry, anger cues, and components of anger: Physical, Cognitive & Behavioral.

When I first really started to notice my anger, it took me by surprise. In the past anytime I had been even remotely angry I would have a good cry over it and not actually feel that angry at all. I often felt ashamed, stupid, weak or powerless, ridiculed, betrayed…but I didn’t really felt like I was actually angry. I just thought I was a person who didn’t ever really get angry.

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Monthly Motivational Rewards Chart

Sometimes it can be hard to stay motivated, especially if you struggle with depression or many of the other mental & physical disorders that can make getting through the day a bit more difficult. Sometimes even getting out of bed and putting on pants can be a struggle, especially when you feel there is no point and you aren’t getting anything out of it, or feel that you’re going to have a bad day anyways so why bother.


Motivating yourself with little rewards when you’re feeling rough, or any other time where you need a little boost is a pretty great idea in my opinion. Especially if your rewards are things you wouldn’t normally treat yourself with (new clothes when you normally wear your clothes until they are in shreds, some slightly more expensive pens for journaling that you’ve been eyeing for months but don’t really need, a gym membership so you can finally lose those last few pounds, etc). The rewards don’t have to be monetary either, they could also be things like getting your husband to take the kids for a day so you can have some peace & quiet (or more likely catch up on housework lol). It can be something that you’ve been putting off for months, or possibly years but really want to find the time to do.

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Starting Your Own Mental Health Bullet Journal

I’ve been sharing some of my blog posts on a few groups on Facebook, and I’ve been getting a lot of messages on Facebook about why I started a separate BuJo for my mental health, along with how I decide what to put in it! I hope this helps some people out, keep in mind these are just my personal preferences & geared towards what I find helps me the most, so some of this might not work for you.

Why I started a separate bullet journal for my mental health:

  • I had too many pages & spreads I was duplicating each year, taking up valuable space in my daily BuJo (also taking a lot of time!).
  • I don’t like taking pages out of old journals & pasting them into new ones. Most of the spreads had other stuff on the other side of the page (trackers, part of a weekly, etc), so taking it out would just mess things up when I go through old journals to check something – which I do often enough that it’s not worth it to take a page out.
  • Currently I can fit a whole year into one 250 page A5 journal, and I really like it. If I added all the mental health spreads I wanted to each year, I’d have to split my year into 2 journals for the year and that doesn’t work well for me.
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Spring Has Sprung (And So Have I!)

I love spring. To me, there is nothing better than waking up one morning and the sun is shining, snow is melting, birds are chirping, and I am suddenly full of motivation! Especially after a long snow filled winter!

I started off my weekend on Friday and did some light spring cleaning in the living room & kitchen while my boyfriend was out for the day skidooing. I really wanted to do a lot more, but I’m still recovering from a fractured thumb, so I took things pretty slow & easy. I still got a lot more done that I thought I would, which is always a great feeling, especially after a long & depressing winter.

Saturday was another great sunshiney day, most of which I spent outside with the dog while waiting on laundry to finish up in the house. I finally got the thick layer of ice on the deck all chipped and shoveled aside, which has been driving me insane all winter. After a long morning walk, the dog was tuckered out (especially after finding another dog in the park to play with), so I left her at home for a while and headed over to my sisters for a visit.

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My Mental Health BuJo

I wanted to share these pages with a few people, and the easiest way to do so seems to be to make a post somewhere…so here it is! This is some pictures of most of the pages (so far) in my Mental Health BuJo! It’s not perfect, it’s not fancy…but I like it and it is helpful for me, which is the most important part. Thanks for looking, I hope everyone who has wanted to see more can get some inspiration for their own!

Just a quick note…I don’t track anything in my MHBuJo. I have no mood trackers and I don’t do any of my DBT ‘homework’ in it. It’s mostly notes and some diagrams, quotes, and anything else I come across that I think might be helpful to me in times of distress or just to life my spirits in general. That being said, even without this having much personal information it is still a very private & personal thing to me, all of the things in it are things that I know will help me, so a lot of this might not be useful to others. This is just the stuff I’ve found so far that I’ve noticed I need to be reminded of, or that I’ve found will help keep me on track during a bad day.

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Slow Cooker Basic Chili

I adore chili. There are so many different variations of it and so many things you can do with it to either spice it up or just make a bit more unique and add some different ingredients to. And if you have leftovers, there are so many more possibilities! You can get some nacho chips and use it as dip, or spread some on top of a hot dog, you can put some on top of a burrito or even your spaghetti! What’s not to love?

The only problem I ran across when looking for a good recipe to try out was that my boyfriend and I couldn’t really settle on one that we’d both really like. He enjoys very hot & spicy food, whereas I can’t stand anything too hot or spicy. So trying to get a chili that we’d both enjoy was a bit of an experiment. He wanted me to ask our friend for her recipe, which to be honest, is a pretty amazing chili recipe. But we eat over there a lot, and end up having that chili at least a few times a year. So I wanted to come up with something that was a bit more unique to us at home and not something we can just go eat elsewhere.

SC - Basic Chili




  • 2 lbs ground beef
  • 1 tbsp onion, minced
  • 28 oz (1 can) diced tomatoes
  • 15 oz (1 can) tomato sauce
  • 30 oz (2 cans) kidney beans
  • 10 oz (1 can) sliced mushrooms


  • 4 tbsp chili powder
  • 4 tbsp paprika
  • 2 tbsp ground cumin
  • 1 1/2 tbsp garlic powder
  • 1 1/2 tbsp oregano
  • 2 1/2 tsp ground coriander
  • 1 1/2 tsp onion powder
  • 1 – 2 tsp cayenne powder (to taste)


  1. Mix all seasonings together & store in a container to re-use extras later.
  2. In a skillet, cook ground beef & drain.
  3. Add onion and 3 tbsp of your pre-mixed seasoning mix.
  4. In a 6 qt crock pot, add tomatoes, tomato sauce, beans, mushrooms and 2 tbsp more of your seasoning mix and meat & stir.
  5. Cook on low for 6-8 hrs or on high for 3-4 hrs.

Now, this recipe is a bit of an experiment. We took about 3 recipes that we thought sounded good and did a bit of altering to suit our tastes. Normally we would add in some corn, but decided to skip that for now. The extra seasoning mix is also useful to add to other dishes to spice them up a bit, or for those who like their chili a bit hotter. We put outs in a little shaker container so we can easily add some extra to our own chili, or to other dishes that we make. It really comes in handy in a household if someone likes to spice up their food, or if you have a picky eater and have to cook to their tastes & add extras to your own later.
Basic Chili
It turns out that my boyfriend is in fact crazy, and actually added extra hot sauce to his chili, but it still turned out amazing in my opinion! I personally wouldn’t change much about this recipe, it tasted very much like the chili that my parents used to make, so eating this totally took me back in time a bit! Definitely will be a recipe that I will be using many times in the future.